Who Killed Aarushi?

It’s been almost four years that Aarushi and Hemraj were murdered but to this day there is no clarity to what happened that night. Everything is just conjecture.  I do not know why the CBI or the UP/NOIDA Police haven’t been able to find any proofs. I do not know why the investigation was carried out by incompetent and brazen UP Police Personnel in the first place who didn’t even feel the need to gather forensic evidence or preserve the crime scene. Whether they even wanted to is a different question altogether!

What bothers me is the stone cold look on Rajesh and Nupur Talwar’s faces; as though they harbor some of the deepest and ugliest secrets in the world. Perhaps it is the unfathomable grief and loss or perhaps its guilt; we wouldn’t know for sure. Death of an only child and a poor servant turned from a tragedy to a mystery and then to fodder for dinner table or coffee time conversations. The two souls killed drifted in oblivion. Well isn’t that what happens anyways?

I do not know what the legal modalities are. I also do not know if the murderers will ever be penalized for their atrocious crime. What I do hope is that they will not for a moment live in peace. I may sound ridiculous and impractical when I say this since there are many murderers living blissfully out there. But whoever killed Aarushi simply can’t because they not only murdered a child but they also murdered innocence and childhood. Perhaps they may have come up with the perfect murders; perhaps there will never be any proof; perhaps the law won’t be able to send them to the gallows but for what it’s worth people such as them will never and should never be able to lead a peaceful life. Atleast that’s what I would like to believe.

I have seen several interviews of the Talwar couple and frankly I am confused. One moment I feel that it is indeed them who are guilty of both the murders and the next moment I feel perhaps they are not. It is not possible that two murders take place in the house and the parents remain unaware of it. It is unlikely that a random killer will come and kill two people in the house and leave the other two inhabitants unharmed. The swiftness with which the Talwars disposed of blood in Aarushi’s room or the way they insisted on clearing out Aarushi’s room to me point to nothing but their guilt. But then again this is just plain old speculation from my end. Believe me I would be very happy if the murderer turns out to be someone other than the Talwars; atleast then the sanctity of a daughter’s relationship with her parents will stay intact. The fact that everything points to the Talwars may just be the case of our incompetent police and judiciary making them the scapegoats. Yes anything is possible in our country. Here money speaks louder than morals. Sad part is in all these the deaths of Aarushi and Hemraj have become somewhat insignificant. Mockery of Justice always takes place in our country; it is even heartbreaking when it involves a child. And then there is the media always present to sensationalize everything.

There are some arguments painting this as Honor Killing. First of all I do not want to tarnish the image of a dead girl. I would like to believe that there is a different reason altogether for the murders. I am sure those that have followed this tragedy would remember a police officer going on record saying that Aarushi was characterless as she accessed Orkut and also that she was an addict because she had done a project on addiction. Bizarre right! Yes such officers are there in institutions that are in place to protect society!

Few things that are very evident to me from this case are that firstly we have a bunch of nincompoops manning the investigating agencies of our country. Then there is the case of character assassination that we seem to resort to without flickering our eyes. If a girl and the domestic help are murdered it must be because that had an illicit relationship is the conclusion we draw without caring to think for a minute! Our pathetic mentality is the reason for a lot of evils in our society. Ofcourse then there is the belief that if you got money you can get away with murder or if you have power you can indict anybody for any crime!

Whether the killers are actually punished by law or not will still have to be seen; but as Shakespeare writes in Macbeth

Will all great Neptune's ocean wash this blood

Clean from my hand? No, this my hand will rather

The multitudinous seas incarnadine,

Making the green one red’ the Talwars' or whosoever it is that have Aarushi’s and Hemraj’s blood on their hands will never lead a peaceful life because they are guilty of slaughtering a child who hadn’t even gotten the chance to live life and a poor man who was just trying to make his ends meet. Perhaps all those who seek justice for Aarushi will find some sort of satisfaction in this and pray that something like this never befalls anyone else!

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