Internet is Fun!

When Graham Bell made that first call in 1876 little did he know what a magical device he had invented? He was sowing the seeds of revolution and I think it was one of the inventions which changed the face of communication on our planet!

I remember it was 1994 when we first had a telephone at home. Ours was the only house with a landline in our entire complex. I recall my dad teaching me how to answer calls over the phone. I was a little girl then and answering calls for my dad had an amazing allure altogether.

Today it’s a different story altogether; landlines have been replaced by cell phones. They are everywhere; from the CEO to the lady selling fish in the market; everyone owns one! It is only in the last couple of years with the amazing and attractive prices and plans on offer that we have actually begun to use the mobile for much more than just making calls.

When you go out searching for a mobile today you are more concerned about the apps available and the additional features. But all these apps and features are worthless if not for the Internet on it.

An era of social networking like ours cannot function without the easy on the go accessibility to Internet.  The cost of network access has gone down, more and more mobile handset providers are venturing out resulting in affordable high end handsets, wireless service providers are on the rise and the competition has resulted in consumer friendly tariffs. Consumers now have an unquenchable appetite for digital services. Sidestepping the computer; today’s generation is moving towards mobile access. And it has more to do with the entertainment quotient and the continually shrinking world as a result of it.

Do you think Blackberry, Iphone or even Samsung Smart phones would have been so popular if it weren’t for the Internet and its fun quotient? Never ever; it is that which has revolutionized the way we use our phones.

Mobile Internet is one of the gifts of evolution of technology that I guess none of us can even picture living without! It wouldn’t be wrong to state that it is a new kind of Renaissance! Like every other consumer in the market; I too am no different. I use my phone more for ‘being connected’ via the internet than making calls!

Imagine a world where we are not able to use googlemaps to find our way around a new town; where we are not able to check-in on Facebook when at the best restaurant in town; where we are not able to update our status on Facebook on the go or where we are not able to check our mails when not infront of a system. Well I for one cannot live in a world like that! It’s my lifeline when I do not have my laptop with me and when I am in office where every possible website is blocked!

I work in an organization where sitting in office for over 9 hours is compulsory even if you have no work. Yes I know; pathetic right? But who’s going to tell them (read the bosses) that! An office where I can’t access Facebook or Twitter or for the matter even Gmail and that too while on ‘bench’; it is then my ‘Mobile Internet’ that becomes the saving grace. Thanks to it I can do all the things which are forbidden in my office, in the internet ofcourse, and enjoy every moment of it.

Every day when I drag myself to office knowing well that I have absolutely no work; it is the abuses that I churn out on twitter against the policy makers that makes even a mundane day in my cubicle worthwhile. Now my office is like a mother-in-law who wants to keep her daughter-in-law away from all the fun things in life and I take out my irritation by cribbing via tweets using the Mobile. Bitching, screaming on twitter wouldn’t have been fun if I had to wait to be infront of a computer to tweet my heart out. When I am frustrated with my boss; when I want to shout at a colleague of mine it is twitter on my mobile that comes to my rescue. It is like instant therapy; a plastic bag where I can blow air when I’m out of breath. And believe me it is fun; and yes internet on the go is fun!

There have been occasions when I travelled by local buses when the conductors would abuse fellow passengers or even me. Often I would retort but considering my size to that of the monstrous conductors; the best avenue to take out my frustration was always by an instant status on Facebook. Swearing at these nincompoops was always amusing in the virtual world. You don’t think it’s fun? Well then try it sometimes; it gets funnier when your friends comment on your status and your journey on that very bus becomes enjoyable as you are virtually dissecting the man that just irked you in a public platform.

Then there is my blog which I am not able to access from my office and considering I spend more than 10 hours there imagine my condition if I am not even able to check out comments and feedback on my blog. But as usual my mobile internet salvages me from this predicament. Keeping track of my blog, mails and even Indivine wouldn’t have been possible without it! So yes Internet is Fun!

My husband who is a cricket junkie gets restless when he is not able to get regular updates about the IPL or any other matches while in office. Enter internet on the go and now he can be in a meeting but still have the luxury of ball by ball update. So again our mobiles become the heroes; the bearer of all things fun in our otherwise boring office lives!

So the mobile today is not only a phone but also an internet mobile communicator and when you have both these features in one; then Fun is just the beginning of a long lasting affair with technology; all of it fitting right in our hands!

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