Another Sad Ending…

Today I dedicate my post to a dear friend I had lost a year back. I still believe she very well could have been with us, if the proper medical attention would have reached her in time! Dear Hinal I know wherever you are, you are happy and spreading joy as always. Here’s to the cups of coffee we shared…Cheers till we meet again!

She was expecting a new addition to her family. She was being a good daughter who had travelled for her father’s heart surgery. She and her husband had been together for twelve long years and certainly looking forward to more. They had come to Gurgaon just for a few days! They might have been planning to welcome the baby. They would have been excited to decorate the baby’s room; the colour, the name, the celebrations-everything and not for a moment would have realized that it was all going to be blown to dust. They were Shailesh and Kshama of whom now remains only Shailesh with agonizing memories of Kshama dying infront of him.

Shailesh and Kshama were like any other couple; very much like you and me, trying to lead a good life. I am sure they must have planned everything in life and worked hard for everything too. But their life was shattered into millions of pieces when a boy, all of 21, rammed his BMW into their cab. Kshama died with her unborn child. The poor cab driver too succumbed while Shailesh and his in-laws still lay critically injured in the hospital. What was their fault? Nothing at all! Will they get justice, looking at how ridiculous our laws are and the seriousness of our investigating agencies I would say never!

The spoilt brat who is responsible for this horrific crime fled the scene, was absconding for a week, tried to get somebody else take the blame for him and when that didn’t work surrendered and walked out at the same time by paying a miniscule fine of Rs.50,000. Is that what the cost is for what he did to the Shetye family!

Born with a silver spoon in his mouth to parents who only speak the language of money the boy is just one among many for whom life of another person is a joke. They break every possible rule and abide by no laws because their parents shield them of every kind of crime by virtue of their money. And they are able to do it because our law enforcement agencies speak only the langue of money; not of justice and truth. For these children, the world is their playground and its people their pawns; who they trample at will and with no remorse!

As I write sitting in the comforts of my room today, little do I know what tomorrow holds for me. I may be very cautious and follow every rule in the book to save myself from mishaps. But does that guarantee my safety or my long life? Some drunk or rich spoilt son of a moron, a bad parent, is moving around in his lavish car with his wheels or his swanky gun’s bullet having my name on it. So it may not be a heart attack or cancer that will kill me, it will be a boy with no regard or respect for life or people to put the nail in my coffin!

Yes one day that bullet or those wheels will squeeze every drop of life out of me. There will be hue and cry in the media. ‘Rich spoilt brat killed an innocent commoner’. The brat will abscond or will let some unfortunate bloke take his blame. If that didn’t work he will play hide and seek with justice, the courts will set him free. If not even that, then he will lead a lavish life in jail with television, smart phones, sumptuous meals and air-conditioned rooms. He will even walk out of the jail from time to time to party in night clubs where he will create ruckus again but be back in jail tiptoeing as though he had never been out. He will molest the law. The police will take years for investigation and the case will finally be caught in a never ending loop of trials and hearings. The media from time to time will try on its part to show the truth. Arnab Goswami, Rajdeep Sardesai and others will hold heated debates on how the rich can manhandle justice. I will be on the front pages of news papers from time to time for few years and finally be lost in oblivion except for finding mention in some blogs for social justice. The brat would have got bail and moved to U.K or Canada by then and be leading a normal life. My family would never come to terms with what happened and lead mundane and sad lives!  All the while I will be sitting wherever it is we go once we die and regret the mockery of me and my family’s life and Lady Justice at large!

Don’t believe that can happen? Believe it because that is what the state of our country is today. There are more important things for those in politics and in the justice and investigating agencies. They don’t care if life of the ordinary Indian is cheap; they care a damn if justice is just a sham and there is in reality nothing that a citizen can expect in the form of Justice. And it is not only they, there are those rich and powerful people who utilize this lethargic attitude of law; these loopholes of system and keep committing crimes or running havoc in society without being brought to book even once!

Sailesh and Kshama are just another addition to statistics and as much as it pains me but the chances are Justice for Kshama will remain a dream too. Today it is Kshama tomorrow it could be you or me and history will repeat itself over and over again!

The dead cannot cry out for justice; it is a duty of the living to do so for them…waiting eagerly for the day when those in power and positions that matter, wake up to listen to the cries for justice! 

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