Night @ the Haunted Mansion

The Convilshire Mansion had a huge rusted iron gate with creepers hanging over it. The mansion itself stood behind the gate after a long driveway with trees on either side. Legend has it centuries ago when the Mansion was owned by the notorious Lord Cornwell people were tortured and hanged till death in these very trees. The narcissistic tyrant sought pleasure in the sights of despair and death. During his reign the people of the village of Cornville suffered countless brutalities. 

It was during his time that Bethany the daughter of a farmer was taken prisoner. The Lord had become besotted by her charm and her beauty. So one day in the depth of the night he forcibly took her captive and cruelly slaughtered her father. It is said that she was kept in one of the towers of the mansion where she was tormented and her modesty outraged repeatedly. She begged and begged for mercy but it fell on deaf ears. One day exhausted with all the sufferings Bethany decided to end her life. She jumped and fell to her death from her room in the tower. 

They say that no sooner did she die on the weeks after that the Lord was tormented by her spirit and was found dead in his suite a month after Bethany’s suicide. His body looked like something from out of this world had sucked away the life from him. Since then there have been several sightings of Bethany. Since then several noble and aristocratic families have owned the mansion but were repeatedly struck with tragedies and unexplained deaths. Infact the Mansion had earned the dubious distinction as the ‘Kill Mansion’ in town.

Today the Mansion was opened for guided ‘horror tours’. People from far and wide visited the haunted mansion; some in search of excitement; some to adore it beautiful architecture while others to catch a glimpse of Bethany herself.

Noah and Anne were siblings in search of adrenaline rush. They loved adventures and the feeling of the unknown. They had heard from a lot of adventure junkies about ‘The Convilshire Mansion’. So one summer they decided to experience the dark side of life; or shall we say death! They were going to spend a night at the mansion. They were to be locked in the Mansion just the two of them and the doors would only open at 6 in the morning. Noah was to spend the night in the room from where Bethany had jumped to her death and Anne in the suite where the Lord was found dead.

As both went to their respective rooms initially everything was normal. There were in touch with each other on radio. They waited for something to happen; gradually the hours passed. Suddenly around 2 in the morning; the lights went off; there was a sudden reduction in the room temperature. Anne could feel a chill around her neck; it was as if someone was breathing right down her. She got up from the bed and looked around; there was nothing. The instruments she had suddenly stopped working; her radio too. This spooked her a little; she looked out of the window and there was just miles and miles of silence. She could see the tower on the other side of the Mansion where Noah had housed for the night. She looked at her instruments again; still weren’t working. All of a sudden she felt a cold touch on her hands and jumped right on the other side of the room. She was now having second thoughts about the whole adventure crap. The lights started flickering; the wind was beating against the window; it seemed any moment the windows would give away. Anne was now in full panic mode; no instruments or way to contact the outside world. What would she do? She decided to go to Noah but to her dismay the door wouldn’t open. That was it; Anne lost it completely and started sobbing. She wanted to get out of there as soon as she could. She took out her cross from her jacket and started praying. Suddenly the bed side table moved at lightning speed to the other side of the room and broke in to pieces. It was unrealistic; Anne couldn’t believe her eyes. No sooner that she came over that shock again she felt icy cool breathes on her neck. It just wouldn’t go away. The lights went out just then and the windows flung open. As she went near the window suddenly as a bolt from the blue she saw a lady appear; they were face to face. Anne froze with horror. There it was infront of her a pale blue lady staring at her with blank white eyes.

Noah on the other hand was in the tower of death as they would call it. It was astonishingly cold and Noah was finding it hard to keep himself warm. He tried contacting Anne on the radio but got no response. He was worried for her but decided to wait a while. Suddenly he heard a loud scream followed by a thud on the ground. He looked out of the window but couldn’t see a thing. Right then he began hearing the sobs of a lady. He looked everywhere but could see no one. He even called out to the lady referring her as Bethany but still the crying didn’t stop. Meanwhile Anne was still not reachable; so Noah finally decided to go check out Anne. As he started climbing down the stairs; after four to five flights of stairs he realized he was circling on the same floor. How was that even possible! He began sweating and no matter how many stairs he climbed down he eventually ended up in the same floor as the room of Bethany. It was bizarre! It went on for quite some time when suddenly he saw standing at the entrance of the room facing away from him a lady dressed in white. He gathered courage and went towards her; as he stood behind her trembling with fear she slowly turned towards him; only her head. One look at her face and Noah went blue with fright. It wasn’t Bethany; it wasn’t the peasant’s daughter. Who was it then? To his dismay it was his sister Anne with a blank stare and an unearthly pastiness in her face.  She was now the ghost of the Mansion! Their quest had turned sour and in search of rush he had just lost his sister. It was a horrible mistake with a horrendous end as they say ‘Honor the spirits, but keep your distance from them for you know not the power of their wrath.