Catamaran Cruise in Mauritius....Trip of a Lifetime !

Vacation is what you take when you can't take what you've been taking any longer.

"Vacations" -Days far away from pandemonium, days when we are not answerable to any manager, days when we do not have to hang precariously in the bus to reach an office which we would much happily see shut ; or days where we won’t be stuck in traffic for eternity; days off the Radar so to speak. Who doesn't enjoy a few days off? Days where we pack our bags and are off to lands beyond the known horizon!

"When anxious, uneasy and bad thoughts come, I go to the sea, and the sea drowns them out with its great wide sounds, cleanses me with its noise, and imposes a rhythm upon everything in me that is bewildered and confused"

A year back I along with my husband had taken a trip to Mauritius for our honeymoon. We were really exhausted after the mayhem of the wedding. We hopelessly needed a few days off. So off we went to Mauritius!

Ofcourse ‘Honeymoon’ for any couple is always special but when it is in a setting such as Mauritius it just adds a unique charm to it. The idea of spending the beginning of our new life in this mesmerising island nation itself was enough to get me all keyed up.

As we landed in the Hotel we realised it was perfect. It was located in the fishermen village of Grand Gaube Mauritius. It had a private beach, a swimming pool and a bar with live music. It was essentially a French Resort with exotic interiors and delicious gourmet cuisines. The staff was friendly and our room was awesome! We were greeted with pinacoladas and escorted to our room. It had big summer windows which opened up to scintillating views of the sea. It had a stony path curved out right up to the beach with picket fences. There were love nests, Sunbeds, Baldquins, hammacks just outside our room on the porch. It was perfect! We were happy and all excited for the next 7 days on this paradise island!

There is nothing more inviting than the sun, the sand and the seas if one is on a holiday. Mauritius has been blessed with a perfect combination of the three and is nothing short of a heaven on earth when it comes to pure splendour. There are obviously several things to do when you are in Mauritius but the one that has etched forever in my heart is the ‘Catamaran Cruise’.

In Mauritius Catamaran Cruises are arranged by every other travel agency. It is one of the must do things for tourists there. They take you off to beautiful isles with unlimited food and drinks; music and dance- a carnival on the high seas so to speak!

On the day of the cruise we set off early morning to the jetty. It was full of Catamarans of various kinds. We wondered which we would be sailing on. It looked like a haven for the Catamarans anchored on the shore soon to drift away towards the vast sea. The sun was just rising above the horizon and the sea seemed to be just waking up from its slumber. Seldom does the world look as tranquil as it did on that particular day.

Finally we got onto the Catamaran that would take us on the trip of our life time. As we set sail into the deep blue sea, with grooving Creole Music on the background, a few sips of beer and everyone onboard was in a festive mood. We danced, we sang as we ventured towards our destination. It was nothing short of a Jamaican Carnival or a Brazilian street fest only difference was it was taking place on the high seas!

The deep blue sea, with the sunlight reflecting off its surface was just overwhelming. It looked ethereal. Miles after miles of fathomless vastness. The wind blew into our hair. As the catamaran swayed slowly from one side to another we felt like the sea was singing a lullaby to put us in a trance. All we did was dance to the foot tapping music forgetting all the worries and tensions we ever had. No longer were the fellow travelers strangers. We let go of all our inhibitions and made the most of it. Our Captain too was the coolest ever. He even let my husband and a few others steer the catamaran. Everyone, the crew inclusive, was having funny; there was merriment all around. And all this just on the way to Island!

Finally we reached the small island where we were to spend the entire day. Needles to say it looked divine! The white sandy beach with lush greenery on one side and the crystal clear blue waters of the sea on the other was more than we could have hoped for. We played in the water, drank wine while we sang melodies and posed for hundreds and hundreds of pictures. Ofcourse along with the surroundings and countless glasses of wine we lost track of the outside world. It was as if the island was where we were meant to be forever.

We were so happy and so engrossed in all the fun that we lost track of the number of glasses of wine and vodka we washed down our throats. We ran to the waters and sat there laughing at all our worries, we drank to our new life, and we drank to our journey together. Ofcourse all these made both of us tipsy and by the time it was the photographer’s turn to take a few clicks for us I was swaying from one end to the other like a pendulum and splashing into the water; all the time giggling away to glory. But somehow we enjoyed that too. It was as if we had let loose of ourselves completely. There were no restrictions whatsoever. Just like the sea which had never-ending horizon, that day we could do what we wanted to, there were truly no limits. We laughed, sang and danced as if no one was watching us. It was like on that day we didn’t have to be responsible; we could be kids again; we could run around and make a fool of ourselves without being judged.

The fun continued and we all watched the mighty sun sink into the vast sea. With the last ray of sunlight vanishing over the horizon we sailed back towards the mainland; this time though we were all famished and exhausted. Had to be after all we had crazy fun all day! So we cruised back in silence trying to gather as many memories as we could of the whole trip to reminisce about once we head back to our mundane lives!

Till today I feel completely refreshed when I think of that trip, the cruise and the sea. It just brings a smile on my face and a sudden release of energy just invigorates me. My husband and I have decided that we would do this again very soon; atleast once more during our life time!

“For whatever we lose (like a you or a me), It’s always our self we find in the sea.”