Emily & Jim Forever

She woke up to the sound of dashing waves and the sun scorching her face. Her head ached as she slowly opened her eyes fighting the sun. She tried to figure out where she was but everything seemed to be hazy. As she tried to stand up slowly, her palms hurt and so did her neck. Her clothes were smeared in blood, her white satin dress ripped from theside and her hair was a mess. As she looked around she could see palm trees reaching high up to the sky, dense greenery on one side with white sandy beach extending on the other. The waves crashed against the rocks on another side making loud sounds. The deep blue sea looked heavenly reflecting the sun rays. Everything seemed so scenic in tragic contrast to her. She tried hard to fathom the situation. How did she get there? What happened? The pain in her head prevented her from thinking straight. There was not a soul nearby; not a single human in sight. Where was she?

As she tried hard to fight the pain and recollected the events that brought her here; she realized what had happened! It had all come back to her; she was on a honeymoon cruise over the Atlantic with her husband; they were having a gala time when suddenly there was a bad storm, everything got haywire after that. Furniture, crockery started falling and the cruise ship started swaying in a scary motion. The last thing she remembers was Jim asking her to hold on tight and then it was all blank! Her heart skipped a beat, where was Jim? She still couldn’t believe this was happening to her. It was like a dream. It couldn’t have happened to her!

She rose up and frantically started calling out for Jim. There was no reply, no sign; only the echo of her voice and the gigantic waves! She scurried hither thither looking for Jim, she had to find him. They had only started their lives together. She scampered over the scorching white sand barefoot with her eyes gazing hard to catch a glimpse of Jim. She searched and searched to no avail. Jim wasn’t there infact nobody else was there. It was only her in this small island in the middle of nowhere.What would she do without Jim?

She stared sobbing uncontrollably; she had lost her Jim she thought. She wished for one last glimpse of Jim, one last hug.The pendant that Jim had gifted her on the Wedding lay beside her; ‘Emily &Jim Forever’ now seemed like a cruel joke played upon her. As the sun started to sink at the horizon so did her heart, the heart that had leapt with joy just hours before when with Jim.

Emily sat on the beach; almost like a stone staring blankly at the sea that lay in front of her; the depths of which wereakin to the fathomless sorrow that she now carried. How she wished they hadn’t gone on the cruise. Jim wanted to go for a jungle safari but it was she who insisted on a cruise. She wanted to experience the vast seas with him. How she hoped Jim hadn’t given in to her wishes! They were high school sweethearts,they had been together forever. Emily couldn’t imagine anything without Jim.The cruel blow of fate was too much for her. She broke down once again.

It was night now, the starry clear skies with the cool sea breeze made the setting of a perfect getaway; but now it was an island she was marooned on; lost without Jim. It was ironical as she had dreamt of such settings; such romantic evenings to spend with Jim but now he wasn’t around and she was helpless and alone. The crescent moon too seemed to be mocking at her plight today.

As Emily sat lost in thoughts, with all her tears dried up from the constant crying all of a sudden she heard the bushes behind her flutter. It could be a wild animal; in all her agony she hadn’t thought of how to get out of this mess! She was terrified now; she could hear something moving in her direction from behind the bushes. What could it be? As she sweated in apprehension, suddenly from behind came two men. It was dark and Emily couldn’t see clearly. Who were they she thought to herself? Where did they come from in the middle of nowhere!

Then out of the blue she heard one of the men call out her name. She was shocked, she realized it was Jim; yes it was indeed Jim calling out to her. She limped towards him with her wounded knees and hugged him like never before! Yes ‘Emily & Jim Forever’ indeed! Her companion,her partner was very much alive and with her. She couldn’t have asked for more.Her nightmare had ended. Life was fair after all she thought as tears gushed down her cheeks; now battered but still pretty nevertheless!

Jim related the incidents that led them to the island. The storm had destroyed the ship, Emily was injured and unconscious.Somehow they managed to get onto lifeboats but the sea was too rough for asmooth rescue. They were swept across to this island. Some force above perhaps wanted them to live on! However Jim and Emily were carried to different ends ofthe island. Emily couldn't find Jim as he was on the other side, passed out and injured. But the moment he gained in consciousness he came looking for her.

As they say true love never dies perhaps the love for each other brought them together again in spite of the mighty sea making every possible effort to drag them apart! Emily was happy, elated to say the least. She wouldn’t care if they were forever stranded as she had her guardian angel, her Jim by her side FOREVER AFTER!