Book Review -ToGetHer By Ishita Bhown.

ToGetHer is the first novel by Ishita Bhown. After reading the debut novel by a certain author recently, I was slightly sceptical about reading ToGetHer but Thank Heavens I did!

Often when we take a walk down the memory lane of college life, the first thing that comes to our mind is ‘Wish we could turn back time!’.We are just starry eyed teenagers when we step into College; anxious to explore new things in life. It is a place where we make friends for life; it is where we shape our futures and where companionship sails us through tough times. It is also the place where people find the love of their lives; it is where we discover ourselves. Bitter sweet memories make up this very important chapter of life. While just reminiscing about college days gives us such delight; imagine how writing about it or reading about it must feel like. ToGetHer taps on that very sensation and provides a fairly good read.

ToGetHer is about friendships, about college life that prepares you to face life in the big bad world. It is the story of Ayesha and her group of friends Lakshit ,Rohan and others; their four years in an engineering college; the love-friendship equations and how they sail through all problems with each other’s support. Ragging, seniors, college fests, friends, weird professors, crushes, placements and the likes which are all vital part of our college lives have been intricately woven into this story. As you turn the pages of ToGetHer, you read about Ayesha’s experience with ragging and you are immediately transported back to the time when you were ragged; were made to sing and dance at the cue given by seniors. Ayesha makes new friends and you will remember your first friend; first roommate in hostel. Each experience of Ayesha be it the fest; the first crush or the Valentine’s Day; will take you through similar experiences you must have had in College. After you finish reading this book you’ll end up with two things-the story of Ayesha and her friends and the wonderful feeling of having gone through the invaluable moments of your own college life all over again.

Ishita puts forth a simple story in an unpretentious style and perhaps that’s what works well for it. I wouldn’t say it has been told in a very crafty way but the story keeps moving in a steady pace and manages to keep the reader addicted. As the story progresses it gains momentum and I feel even Ishita grows as a writer during the course of it. She definitely knows how to keep her reader hooked till the story ends. I would say that Ishita as a rookie author has managed a decent debut. So ToGetHer is definitely worth a read!