Tea for Two and a piece of cake.....A Review...

What’s in a name quoted Shakespeare but it’s the name that drew me towards “Tea for Two and a piece of Cake” and I picked it up for a read. It is the 3rd book written by one of India’s bestselling authors-Preeti Shenoy;34 Bubblegums and Candies & Life Is What You Make It, being the other two.

In my view today the horizon of Indian Literature is undergoing a massive change whereby books are reaching a wide variety of readers in spite of the fact that ours is the ‘Facebook Generation”. This change has brought into the forefront many amazing writers who have offered us a plethora of good reads to which we can all connect at some point or the other-One among them being Preeti Shennoy.She is a new age writer with art and poetry being her other loves.In a span of 4 years Preeti has dished out 3 amazing books and has managed to grab eyeballs literally with the magic of her pen and crafty story telling skills. She reflects the beautiful journey from being a blogger to a noted author which is indeed the dream of many sahitya lovers out there.

Firstly the cover of the book takes you to this comfortable setting where all you want to do is read the book while sipping on a cup or two of tea.”Tea for two and a piece of cake” is so much more than just a book. It’s about second chances; it’s about finding true love and about the complex and yet so simple relationships of people. Nisha ,the-plump-plain-Jane, journeys through a whirlwind romance, marriage, kids and then a sudden divorce. But just like a phoenix rises from its ashes, Nisha too bounces back in both her personal and professional lives. The life and choices of Nisha can be related to by many. The book is very contemporary in terms of the equations in Nisha’s relationships. It touches beautifully on the fact that Marriage isn’t the culmination of all things good in life. There is more to life than marriage and love definitely doesn’t need the tag of “Marriage” for those in it to lead a blissful life.

“Tea for two and a piece of cake” is the journey of a woman and Preeti takes us along this ride with her simple yet interesting writing style. Another facet of the book that is quite unique are the names of the chapters; which are all names of songs. Pick it up and read; of course don’t forget the tea and the piece of cake with it! It’s refreshing and not the stereotype recycled ‘love story’. So if you are looking for something unconventional from the perspective of a woman then it’s the book for you.