The Jan Lokpal Bill Movement-The Pis Aller?

16th August 2011,the 1st day of the 65th year of Independence dawns with a 74 year old peaceful demonstrator/activist being arrested;thus severely encroaching upon his Right to dissent and taking us 64 years back to the days of anarchy.One among our Fundamental Rights is "Right to freedom of speech and expression, assembly, association or union" ....The Government of the world's largest democracy has become so autocratic that without remorse they are bulldozing over any innocent voice of change there may be and completely ignoring the Fundamental Rights Of its Citizens...!

Question is what is the government so afraid of?The Prime Minister Of this great nation Mr Manmohan Singh in his Independence Day address to the nation says that "a fast will not remove corruption"... But Mr Prime Minister the fast is a way used by Anna Hazare to make the dim wits in your government and you yourself give way to a stronger Lok Pal Bill which in-turn will fight corruption....I agree I have my reservations towards protest by fasting which I feel belongs to a different century altogether ...But the point is not that....What bothers me is the basic right to stand up for the betterment of the society...Can we exercise this right in a democracy without apprehensions?To you Mr. Elected Representative of our country I say that even if you were not actively participating in corruption, your muted response makes you as much a party to it as maybe Raja or Kalmadi...May be Lok Pal will not completely remove corruption or maybe not remove at all;but then why are you so afraid of trying to make an effort in that direction?

I am flabbergasted at the promptness of the Delhi Police to take Anna Hazare into "protective" custody...where was all this in the case of A. Raja and Kalmadi...????

The society today has reached a boiling point.Corruption,inflation,terrorism,social apathy and much more has brought the common man to a flash point where any chance they get to fight the system they will....This is more like the society's last resort to let the people in authority know that we have given you the powers,misuse it and we know to take it back to and make your life harder in the process.

The question is what harm can Anna Hazare's protest cause and to whom? The only party losing and absolutely disconcerted at this should be the "Corrupt"...and by your reaction you don't leave anything to be read in between lines...!Corruption hurt UPA. Arrogance will kill it...!

Today the whole of India unites to make an effort for a better future apart from a cricket match this is the first time I see my countrymen united.....History stands witness to the fact that when common people such as us come out of our shells;then no amount of oppression or force can prevent or shelve such uprisings...If not anything at-least each person taking part in this revolt will definitely never move towards corruption....That's the positive I would like to take out of this.I do not know how effective the Lok pal Bill if introduced as demanded would be but I am with this movement 'coz there is no harm trying especially when intentions are pure...