Daughter to daughter-in-law

“Daughter am I in my mother's house, but mistress in my own.…” . A woman’s life is multifaceted. She is always undergoing change, taking up new roles …. Little does she know when she is born that this society which calls itself modern and educated would be burdening her with unfair expectations. She is a daughter at birth; is born again when wedded , metamorphosing into the role of a daughter-in-law with apprehensions, nervousness and anxiety.

A woman’s life is always full of challenges. There is hardly a dull moment is a woman’s life. Till one is just a daughter , she is never expected to be “always giving”. But the moment her role as a daughter is post fixed with a “in-law” she is expected to be only “giving”. Fair?? I am not really sure.

Sometimes I wonder why isn't there such a burden and such load of expectations pushed on a man when he becomes a son-in-law from just being a son....It is nothing but prejudice and conceitedness of this society which is party to this chauvinism...

Sometimes I wonder what is it that actually changes when a girl gets married.Does she grow wings?Or does she change into a wonder woman that she is run over by a bulldozer of crap...The society,no matter how much it christens itself of being in tune with today's times, is in reality archaic and dogmatic....

As long as society does not wake up every daughter when turned into a daughter-n-law will only be paralyzed with unfair diktats...!!